What is button cell battery?

Button cell battery defined another name is coin cell battery, refers to a battery with a shape like a small button, it has a larger diameter and a thinner thickness; it is composed of positive electrode, negative electrode, separator, and an electrolyte. The casing is made of stainless steel; there is sealed insulation between the positive and negative cases The ring is used to insulate and prevent electrolyte leakage. Such as 12540 60mAh D:12.0mm, H:5.4mm

Advance in small & flexible button cell battery is widely used in various microelectronic products:

computer motherboards, electronic watches, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, remote controls, electric toys, pacemakers, counters, etc.


  • Compared with polymer soft pack batteries and needle batteries, coin cell batteries have the characteristics of large energy density and space-saving;
  • Button cell batteries currently form two major technical routes, winding and lamination;
  • The energy density of the wound product is about 10% -15% higher than that of the laminated product;
  • The lamination process is weaker than the winding technology in terms of production efficiency, burr control, and yield, and the performance of the winding product is more excellent;

Therefore, the application of mid-to-high-end TWS earphone batteries most mainly be button batteries, and button batteries with winding technology are preferred.

1. Long life cycle times

1.1 Select the surface-coated lithium cobalt oxide material, the secondary particles ensure a good performance output, and a small number of rare elements are used to ensure the structural stability during the cycle.

1.2 The negative electrode material uses a high-end artificial graphite system, and a reasonable BET range is selected to ensure the first efficiency and improve the cycle characteristics.

1.3 The unique electrolyte formulation technology improves the film formation on the surface of the positive and negative electrodes, taking into account the high & low-temperature requirements;

1.4 The separator adopts standardized porosity and pore size distribution, and at the same time, a ceramic layer is coated on the surface of the separator to improve safety performance and improve cycle performance.

The capacity of the battery cell is maintained for> 80% after 500 cycles

2. Fast Charging

  • The negative electrode material prepared by a special process, a unique lattice stretching process, ensure the expansion of the inter-layer distance, which facilitates the rapid diffusion of lithium ions, and the surface is coated with hard carbon. The filled conductive adhesive which can ensure the fast charging characteristics and the stability of graphite.
  • Unique technology electrolyte formulation, the film formation on the surface of the negative electrode is loose and stable, ensuring that lithium ions can pass quickly.
  • Fast charging technology, the battery can meet 2C charging

3. High Capacity

Button cell batteries pay more attention to the improvement of energy density, and the materials that restrict energy density at this stage mainly come from negative electrode materials. Our company has cooperated with material manufacturers to conduct a lot of research work on negative electrodes to do the improvement.

  • The traditional silicon-carbon is improved into silicon oxide, which effectively relieves the expansion of the silicon negative electrode when charging;
  • Surface coating treatment was carried out to suppress the expansion of the silicon-carbon negative electrode during charging.
  • After a lot of experiments, a system suitable for silicon anodes was determined.
  • The binder with lower Young’s modulus effectively avoids molecular chain breakage when the negative electrode expands and improves circulation;
  • Targeted selection of additives suitable for silicon anodes to improve cycle performance.


  • The surface of the isolation membrane is ceramic coated, which has special requirements for ceramic crystal phases and particles.
  • Optimize the electrolyte formula, improve flatulence, and add safety improvement additives to greatly improve safety performance.
  • It is preferred that the positive and negative electrode particles are strictly limited in the BET and particle size sections so that the battery is unreliable due to side reactions or micro-molecules.
  • Using fully automated production equipment, the process strictly controls moisture and dust and controls turnaround time. The battery has high consistency.

→The risk of fire caused by battery problems is reduced to less than 1ppm.

→The risk of low pressure and leakage is greatly reduced.

A solid electrolyte is used to alternative the diaphragm and the traditional electrolyte

  • The solid-state battery is known as the terminator of the traditional lithium-ion battery and has been double-enhanced in energy density and safety performance.
  • 2 Higher reliability, no fire, bloating, liquid leakage, etc ..
  • The energy density is increased by at least 50%.

List of Button Cell Battery

The battery can be customized according to customer requirements, please contact us for more models