The battery is an important accessory of the electronic cigarette and the main energy source of the electronic cigarette. The quality of the battery directly determines the quality of the electronic cigarette. Therefore, how to choose a battery to match the electronic cigarette is crucial.

BPI 501447 300mAh E-cigarette Lipo battery adopts secondary electronic cigarettes to meet the charge and discharge performance characteristics of 1000 cycles.

E-cigarettes have increasingly higher requirements for lithium-ion batteries, and the early 1.2A discharge can meet the requirements, and now there are requirements of 3A, 4A, 10A, and even 20A and 30A. To meet these requirements, lithium-ion batteries must have better rate performance:

  1. The electrolyte formulation has been optimized, and the solvent system and additives have been greatly adjusted to ensure that the lithium-ion transmission impedance is reduced and a larger dielectric constant is obtained.
  2. BPI has made some special structural designs to obtain better rate performance to make that structural design, and reduce the transmission path of lithium ions.
  3. The negative adopted electrode crystallizing process. At the same time, the unique formula of the electrolyte can make the SEI film on the surface of the negative electrode stable and the ion channel is convenient, which facilitates the deintercalation of lithium ions and improves the rate performance.