China battery industry “Davos” – New Energy Industry International Summit Forum was held in Ningxiang, Changsha On Oct. 27th, 2020.  More than 500 representatives and media from the global battery new energy industry chain of “government, industry, science, research, finance, service and application” attended the meeting. They explored the upward path of domestic brands and discussed the way to build a healthy, ecological chain of new energy industry under the background of global battery new energy competition situation.

During the meeting, BPI Chairman Mr. David Long, and the Chairmen of other 9 outstanding enterprises were jointly elected as 2020 China Battery Industry Annual Person.

Mr. David Long, Tsinghua EMBA master, Shenzhen Longhua CPPCC member, Jiangxi Yichun CPPCC member; started working on rechargeable batteries after graduating from Tianjin University (major chemical engineering) in 1991, and was one of the earliest R&D personnel of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in China. Current is Chairman of Jiangxi BetterPower New Energy Co., Ltd / Shenzhen BetterPower Battery Co., Ltd.

The reasons for give award to Mr. David Long is mainly thanks to his contribution to China’s battery industry field in below aspects:

1.He has been engaged in battery R&D for 29 years and is one of the earliest rechargeable battery R&D personnel in China.

He participated in the R&D of China’s first Ni-MH battery and witnessed China’s rechargeable battery industry from scratch.

2. He established BPI in 2002, which grow up as a star enterprise in the field of Ni-MH batteries. BPI Ni-MH battery are mainly exported to United States, Europe, Japan, Brazil, South Korea, etc., covering more than 80 countries around the world. It is the OEM/ODM manufacturer of many international well-known brands.

3. BPI has more than 120 invention patents, among which David is also the first inventor of the Ni-MH battery explosion-proof patent, which won the National Patent Excellence Award. In 2017, David was awarded the Title of A-level Local Leading Talent of Shenzhen Peacock Project.

4. Currently BPI has three factories: Ni-MH battery, Lithium battery and battery packs. Lithium battery products closely follow the market direction, currently have three strategic directions: 3C digital products, e-cigarette, and TWS headset. In recent five years, lithium battery business has maintained a compound growth rate of more than 30%.