NI-MH rechargeable battery is becoming more and more popular among consumers because of its eco-friendly and convenient traits. Behind its unique nature, do you its working principle and tips for maintenance? If you still have no ideas, we are going to uncover them for you in this article.

NI-MH rechargeable battery

The emergence of Ni-MH rechargeable batteries is due to the toxic cadmium in Ni-Cd batteries, which makes the treatment of waste batteries complicated and the environment polluted. The Ni-MH rechargeable battery has the same size as the Ni-Cd battery but is about 1.5-2 times higher in charging volume than that of a Ni-Cd battery. Moreover, Ni-MH rechargeable battery has no pollution but rapid charge and discharge speed.

How Ni-MH rechargeable battery works

The Ni-MH rechargeable battery is composed of two metal strips used as positive and negative electrodes and an insulating foil partition arranged in the middle. Generally, the metal strips are placed in the battery barrel together with the electrolyte.

When we charge a Ni-MH rechargeable battery, we just need to put the dead battery into the charger. The current will reverse the discharge process when the power is on. During the charging process, the electrons are pulled out of the positive electrode to oxidize and release hydrogen while the electron is put back to the negative electrode to absorb hydrogen, which is how the Ni-MH rechargeable battery work.

Maintenance tips for Ni-MH rechargeable battery

The Rechargeable battery is a latent time bomb. If we use it carelessly, it will lead to tragedy. There are 6 maintenance tips listing below for you to refer to:

  • The Ni-MH rechargeable battery needs to be fully discharged and recharged every few months, which is to prevent the rechargeable NI-MH battery from forming crystals in the non-discharged area. The battery’s ability to retain charge will be impeded by crystals.

2) Avoid using an ultra-fast charger that provides a one-hour charge. Compared with the universal charger, the ultra-fast charger cannot charge the battery to a 100% charge level due to the lack of trickle charge. As a result, the ultra-fast charger will damage the rechargeable NI-MH battery.

3) The best NI-MH batteries are not allowed to charge at super high or super low temperatures. Charging at room temperature (15 ° C to 40 ° C) is the best.

4) You have no need to discharge the NI-MH battery completely before charging it. If you do this, the rechargeable NI-MH battery is exposed to excessive pressure, which will affect its performance.

5) Do not charge batteries with different charging levels in the same charger. Because more charges will flow into the weak battery causing the weak battery to heat up. If the pressure in the rechargeable NI-MH battery reaches a critical value, this may cause the battery to explode.

6)  If you want to store them, please keep away from the high temperature and humidity and put them in a cool place.

Reasonable use of rechargeable NI-MH battery can give full play to its performance. However, rechargeable NI-MH batteries have a limited service life. If you need more new rechargeable batteries, you can refer to BPI. We are a professional manufacturer integrated with Lithium battery, Nickel Metal Hydride battery, Nickel Zinc battery, battery pack and outdoor energy storage system. Of course, if you have any questions about batteries, Welcome to contact us.