As compared to Lithium-ion batteries, the Ni-MH battery comes with its advantages for a variety of uses.

A Ni-MH battery or Nickel Metal Hydride battery is a successor to NiCd or Nickel Cadmium battery with many advantages to the latter. The chemical composition of the Ni-MH battery is almost similar to the NiCd battery, with its positive electrode being the nickel hydroxide, negative as the metal hydride, and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. With a wide temperature range of working, the Ni-MH battery has the upper hand among other battery types for its applications.

Challenges of charging a battery on low temperature

Any battery performs best at nominal temperatures of 10oC to 30oC, and this is the best temperature range to get the most out of any battery. Discharging and charging batteries at low temperatures (less than -10oC) can be a challenge. At low temperatures, the reactions slow down or even freeze to happen in the battery at the operation time. Low temperatures affect the operation, life, and performance of a battery. With the advance of technology, low-temperature Ni-MH battery packs have been developed and installed for loads to be used in very low or below freezing temperatures.

Low-temperature battery pack

This Ni-MH battery pack of ours works well in a wide temperature range with features like:

  1. A low-temperature discharge type range of -40oC to 40oC gives this Ni-MH battery a wide temperature range to perform well.
  2. Discharge efficiency of 40% at -40oC makes it the only battery available to power the devices in extreme conditions.
  3. Temperature performance in a wide temperature range gives this battery an edge over other battery types. Also, the extended life cycle of this low-temperature Ni-MH battery pack makes it a suitable choice in varied applications.

Advantages of low-temperature Ni-MH battery pack

  1. The lower internal resistance of the Ni-MH battery gives it the ability to charge and discharge at an advanced rate. This is not possible in other battery technologies, but the Ni-MH battery pack works well with a low internal resistance feature.
  2. The wide range of discharge temperature of this battery gives it the ability to be used in different circumstances. At very low temperatures, the charging and discharging of the battery make it apt to use in many different devices and for emergency use.
  3. The efficiency of a low-temperature Ni-MH battery is best among other battery types. Like 40% discharge efficiency at -40oC is good where most other batteries fail to do so.
  4. The capacity of batteries declines with wide temperature variations, as already discussed, but these low-temperature Ni-MH batteries retain their capacity to a much higher level.

Applications of Ni-MH battery pack

The Ni-MH battery pack can be applied in many industries and a wide temperature range. The Ni-MH batteries are mainly used for:

  1. Military device:These batteries are suitable for military devices requiring energy back up and operating in low-temperature conditions.
  2. Aerospace, underwater, and polar exploration device:These batteries can be used in aerospace devices where temperature drop is significant. Also, the wide temperature Ni-MH battery pack can power underwater devices and other low temperature and wide temperature range operating devices.
  3. Emergency power backup: These rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteriescan be used in emergency light. Other Ni-MH batteries can be used as emergency light specifications and can be integrated into the light.

Our Ni-MH battery, among other battery types like Lithium-ion and other Nickel based batteries, is suited as per customer demand and design. We at BPI can cater to the specific demands of our customers with well-researched and developed technology among different spheres of energy storage and usage.