Vaping is picking up as an alternative to smoking, and the significance of the devices largely depends on vape batteries used in them.

The vaping devices ignite the vaping liquid with electric coils, which get their electricity from batteries. Some devices have integrated batteries in them, and some have replaceable ones. Batteries used in vaping devices are rechargeable batteries that provide power to the coil for vape generation and power display on the device. So let us look at these vape battery types and the advantages of these e-cigarette batteries.

Different Kinds of Batteries and Their Uses in Vape Device

There are two categories of vape batteries for the type of use and working of a vaping device.

  1. Automatic batteries in a vaping device are used when the working of the device is subjected to inhalation of vapor from the device. In simple terms, when the user inhales a puff or drag from the device, the battery supplies electricity to the device. As air is inhaled from the device’s tip, it switches on the circuit connected to the battery and supply electricity to the coil and burn the vaping liquid. In few milliseconds from the drag or inhalation, the coil heats the liquid to be vaporized with the help of an automatic vape battery.
  2. Manual batteries use a switch or a button to start and use the coil per the user’s desire. A button or two to switch on and off the device and complete the circuit to supply current from the battery to the heating coil is the basic working of a manual device with a battery. Inhalation of vapor is usually done when the button is pressed on, and the device generates the vapor with the electric heating coil. The use of this device and battery is usually done by experienced users, which gives them complete control over the working of the device compared to a much simpler design of an automatic battery device.

After looking at the categories of vape batteries in terms of their use and operation, we can look at two ways these vape batteries are placed in devices.

Integrated and replaceable vape batteries

The name of these vape batteries signifies their placement in a battery and their use. An integrated battery in a vaping device is part of the device. After certain cycles of charging and discharging the battery, the device is of no use. These integrated batteries are used mainly in E-cigarettes and cigarette-like devices. Integrated batteries in a device make it much more straightforward, safer, and efficient to use. For example, BPI’s rechargeable lithium batteries are made for such applications and use.

On the other hand, replaceable batteries are used in vaping devices which can be used and replaced with the same battery after its life cycle is complete. An experienced user requires this battery in their advanced vaping devices where they change their battery as its life cycle is complete and the battery cannot power the coil.

Now we know how to vape batteries are used and placed in a vaping device, and we should continue to look at what these batteries are made of:

Lithium-ion batteries

There are different types of batteries with various chemical structures which are used at present times. The Lithium-ion battery is the best technology available for vaping devices. There are two types of technologies or chemical structures the vape batteries are usually made of:

  1. Lithium-ion battery: Lithium-ion battery has lithium oxide cathode and carbon or graphite as anode with liquid electrolyte. These are used in vaping devices but mostly are undermined by lithium-ion polymer batteries with higher safety.
  2. Lithium-ion polymer battery: The chemical composition of these batteries is similar to lithium-ion batteries. It is just the electrolyte used in them that is in a semi-solid or gel-like form. The polymer structure of these batteries makes them much more robust and easier to use in devices like e-cigarettes.

The advantages of using Lithium-ion polymer batteries as vape batteries in vaping devices are their robust, flexible, low profile, and leakproof attributes.

BPI is an experienced lithium-ion batteries manufacturer. Our lithium-ion polymer batteries range for vaping devices deliver power on demand capability with a robust, flexible, and leakproof design. The life cycle of more than 300 hours suits e-cigarettes with efficient performance. These batteries are developed with years of research and development to suit your needs as your requirements.