Nowadays, economic growth and digitization surge the energy demand for electronic products. With its versatile usages, nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable battery has been well received as a powerful energy source.

High-powered gadgets with regular usage are well-suited to the capabilities of Ni-MH batteries. Digital cameras, GPS units, and MP3 players are all examples of these types of gadgets. Though there are many batteries available in the market, Ni-MH batteries occupy a special place.

High energy capacity and density, coupled with complex and wide operating temperature usage, reflected the Ni-MH battery’s unique competitive edge. That is why there is an overwhelming need for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in different industries. In this post, the technology behind the Ni-MH rechargeable battery will be unveiled.

Figure 1. A Ni-MH Battery Pack Sample

The Different Types of Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery Pack

Ni-MH rechargeable batteries retain their charge for a longer period and can be recharged more times throughout their lives and have greater capacity. Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are costlier. Most notably, they have the advantage of being able to be partially drained and recharged as many times as you like during their life (up to about 1000 times).  Here we will introduce three different types of Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs; let’s find out below:

  • Ratio type:

Ratio type Ni-MH rechargeable battery is often used as an industrial power source. Ratio type Ni-MH rechargeable battery is specifically designed to use in more powerful devices. It is especially fit for applications that need stable voltage over long discharge times.

BPI’s D9000-D10000 ratio type battery can offer a higher C-rate than the similarly sized battery. Due to the higher discharge rate and energy density characteristics, users can use BPI’s D9000-D10000 ratio type Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack in high-drain devices and more powerful applications.

  • High-temperature type:

As the name suggests, a high-temperature type Ni-MH rechargeable battery is specifically designed for applications needing high capacity and a wide range of temperatures, especially in outdoor power supplies.

High-temperature type Ni-MH rechargeable batteries can be made by special techniques and materials to ensure excellent charge and discharge performance in a high-temperature environment. For example, BPI’s D9000T-D10000T high-temperature Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs with patent design provide new electrode-development technologies that can achieve a long life span, and they have excellent usability and stability with compatible sizes.

  • High capacity type:

A high capacity type Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack means that it has greater power capacity. This type of battery is suitable for high-capacity energy storage devices that and require frequent battery replacements.

Ni-MH rechargeable battery packs have an energetic density represented by the amount of time a battery can power an item or the amount of space needed to store the battery. The elimination of those constraints was required to reduce the restrictions placed on battery manufacturing, use, and disposal due to the worries about cadmium toxicity.

There are numerous architectural similarities between the two chemistries, and simplifying integration into devices that are already utilizing nickel-cadmium batteries is beneficial. Primary batteries running at wide temperature extremes have a higher service advantage than other kinds of main batteries.


We at BPI are the pioneer in Ni-MH battery packs and have patent technology in this domain. Our core competitiveness is below but now limited to:

  1. Advanced battery material:Electrolyte additives and solvents increase our lithium-ion battery’s energy density, power, voltage range, cycle life, and safety.
  2. Patented protection technology:The fire probability of our products is within 1ppm, and leakage probability is within 10ppm
  3. Patented technical design: Our products’ patented technical structure design and unique electrolyte technology ensure excellent high drain discharge performance.

If you still want to know more about our products, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team for more advice!