Electricity is one of the greatest inventions in the history of the human being. And the invention of batteries allows humans to enjoy the convenience of electricity without any restrictions. Different kinds of batteries are widely used on all sides of our daily lives, such as rechargeable lithium polymer batteries for electronic cigarettes, lithium-ion batteries for digital devices, and button cell Li-ion batteries for electronic hearing aids.

As consumables, different kinds of batteries should be charged or be replaced in different situations. So customers need to choose the right batteries for sustainable uses. Here, there are mainly two aspects explaining why we should choose the right batteries from different kinds of batteries.

  • More safe for

There are different kinds of batteries sold in the market. The first step of purchase is to identify whether they are qualified. The batteries should be clean and dry, with no rustiness on the surface, and without technical damages. Using the batteries of failing safety index is unacceptable because it risks electrolyte leakage and even explosions, which is highly dangerous for users. Choosing the right batteries is for safety reasons to users.

  • More durable for electric devices.

We all know that different kinds of batteries have their corresponding applications in our daily uses. Belonged to the energy storage battery, an alkaline battery or a rechargeable Ni-MH battery is suitable for different cameras. Usually, Ni-MH batteries are widely used for most digital cameras due to their high safety performance and high capacitance. Because if not choosing enough capacitance batteries, cameras’ functions are affected. For example, the cameras’ lens could not be retracted normally. So choosing the right batteries is for durability reasons to electric devices.

It is important to choose the suitable ones between the different kinds of batteries for users’ safety and for electrical appliances’ durability. Next step, this article will introduce you to some common types of batteries in our daily uses.

Button Cell Lithium Batteries:

  1. Smaller as buttons, thinner than cylindershapedbatteries.
  2. Stable and high electrical capacitance.
  3. With welding and sealing process, high reliability and no leakage.
  4. Big energy storage volume, long service life.

Applications: electronic watches, electronic dictionaries, electronic scales, remote controls, electric toys, cardiac pacemakers, electronic hearing aids, cameras, etc.

Lithium Polymer Pouch Batteries:

  1. Decrease battery leakage problem.
  2. High volumetric energy density.
  3. Wide range of capacity fits the need of different applications.
  4. Can be bent and deformed, can be designed into various shapes.
  5. Environment-friendly.
  6. Cycle life over 1000 times.

Applications: E-cigarettes, LED strip lights, Bluetooth headsets, GPS trackers, massagers, electric razors, smart watches, voice recorders, laser pens, etc.

Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries

  1. Strong reliability, good over-discharge and over-charge protection.
  2. Quick charge and discharge, excellent low-temperature performance.
  3. High volumetric energy density.
  4. Environment-friendly.
  5. Cycle life over 1000 times.

Applications: microphones, digital cameras, electronic clocks, gamepads, wireless mouses, electric shavers, children’s toys, large scales, electronic dictionaries, etc.

There are different kinds of batteries sold in the market, and we need to select the suitable ones to match electrical appliances. Here, we will teach you how to choose the right batteries step by step.

Firstly, users should consider the safety factor.

At the beginning of this article, we emphasize the importance of safety. Quality batteries should have certificates and labels about batteries’ technical parameters. The selling batteries must be well packed without leakage, bulge, scratch, and rust stain. Do not foreign to check the production date, which the production date affects batteries’ performance too.

Secondly, users should check the technical data.

Batteries are created in various sizes and shapes. Users need to confirm what types they need, such as coin cells, cylindrical cells, or pouch cells. Then they also need to find the suitable batteries to need the electric devices’ voltage and amps requirement. What’s more, users should choose the corresponding batteries for a suitable situation, such as the high temperature Hi-MH batteries for temperature-guns.

At last, users should consider the service time.

From the economic point, when a product’s service time extends, its cost will decrease. Take the primary batteries and secondary batteries as models. Primary batteries are designed to be used once and discarded, and they cannot be recharged with electricity. In contrast, secondary batteries, also called storage batteries, can be recharged many times and reused.

With the technology’s growth, rechargeable lithium batteries have become the mainstream product in the market. A long cycle life battery can solve the trouble of frequent purchase and replacement. Many battery manufacturing companies commit to creating different kinds of energy storage batteries. Customers can enjoy the nice use experiences supported by high-quality batteries, especially rechargeable batteries.


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