People who have entered the smart era are accompanied by their cell phones for long hours every day. Some people even have anxiety and panic when they notice their phone on a low battery. They are urgently to charge the phone. So using a fast charger for the phone becomes a hit. However, beyond fast charging saving you time, the big question is, does fast charging affect phone battery life? Before we dive into this question, let’s go through the basics of cell phone battery life.

What Affects Your Cell Phone Battery Life?

Many different factors affect the cell phone battery life, but let’s focus on the major ones.

Battery Material:

When it comes to battery material, there are important parameters to consider—weight, size, and composition. A battery’s size and weight out of proportion to the cell phone will only bulk it out, making it uncomfortable for its users. There are two types of modern phones: Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer. Placing them side by side, Lithium Polymer is more recent and effective than Lithium-Ion.

Battery Using Habit:

Many background running apps could drain your phone’s battery life. Even some of the inbuilt apps are known to be battery-guzzlers. Connections such as Bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot, etc., are some of the biggest culprits and could further aggravate the situation.

Charging Equipment:

To avoid keeping your phone in the red battery zone, you need a good wired charger and a stable current source. Keep to using the official standard charger and data cable because different chargers and data cables have differences in the charging specifications and the realization of the fast charging principle. In addition to the fast charging function, it is possible to use a mixed charger. The voltage and current are unstable, which affects the battery’s life and even has certain safety risks.

What Is Fast Charging?

Fast charging involves upping the wattages delivered to your phone so that it gets fully charged in a fraction of time. How is it possible? The trick lies in knowing that power varies directly with current and voltage. Increasing one or two of the quantities translates to a simultaneous increase in power. This blast in power charges your phone in very little time.

Advantages of Fast Charging

It saves time. We live in a busy world. And, because we always have to be on the go, hunkering down to charge will take away the time of our life we may never get back. Secondly, because fast charging saves time, it improves the usability of our mobile phones.

Convenient for People with Bigger Devices. A bigger device means a bigger battery capacity. People who use big devices such as tabs, pads, etc., with large battery capacity will find fast charging very convenient for them as slow charging will take forever to fully charge their phones. Quick charge means higher efficiency, usability, and mobility.

Disadvantages of Fast Charging

Because your phone experiences a blast in power in a short time, a large amount of heat is generated in the process. This heat generated can cause some slight damage. It only gets worse if there are defects in the battery. Furthermore, high temperature causes a decrease in electrolytes, which leads to a decrease in the life span of your Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery.

What To Do To Sustain Your Cell Phone Battery Life?

Avoid using the phone while charging. Continue to use or play games on your phone while charging can cause the lithium battery to heat up. Because keep using the phone will heat up the battery, and the excessive battery temperature will cause excessive battery wear.

Avoid overcharge and over-discharge. It’s unwise to leave your phone charging through the night. Although current mobile phones have an overcharge protection function, some mobile phones will still overheat if they are plugged in for a long time. The operating temperature of the battery has a certain range. Too high or too low temperature will seriously deplete the phone battery life. Try to charge the phone before 20% of the battery is left. The excessive consumption of lithium batteries greatly depletes the life of the battery.

Choose qualified chargers. Not all chargers serve the same purpose. Some chargers out there rake in money for the producers and never deliver on its promises. To avoid these common pitfalls that most customers encounter, you need to patronize only trusted companies or authorized retailers.


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