Technology has revolutionized the world, and the invention and widespread use of batteries have greatly facilitated people’s lives, especially the lithium coin battery. The lithium coin battery is also known as the button lithium battery shaped as a squat cylinder button, typically from 5 to 25mm and about 1 to 6mm. Smaller and lighter than traditional batteries. And the new styles with rechargeable function batteries are in use more than their counterpart because they are economical and last for longer periods. Their applications are almost without limit.

Lithium coin batteries are designed for small portable electronics devices, including Bluetooth speakers, wearable devices such as wristwatches and smartwatches, headsets, battery alarm clocks, hearing aids, digital cameras, toys, game consoles, medical devices in small size such as blood pressure monitors and glucose meters, and so on. As more portable devices are produced, lithium coin batteries will continue to be exploited.

In general, there are two types of lithium coin batteries: Primary lithium coin battery and rechargeable lithium coin battery. Due to more advantages of rechargeable ones, they will have an increasing share of the market.

Advantages of Rechargeable Lithium Coin Battery

  1. Rechargeable:

The principle of the rechargeable battery is the lithium moving from the negative electrode through an electrolyte to the positive electrode during discharge. So the coin cell lithium battery can be served for longer periods. This property makes the battery more economical than its counterpart.

  1. Long Cycle Life:

Because of the characteristic of repeated charge, the rechargeable lithium coin batteries have a longer cycle life. Their cycle life is up to 500 times. This is just the icing on the cake as they don’t run out easily while providing reliable power for compact devices.

  1. Large Capacity:

In recent years, the record growth in the mAh storage capacity of rechargeable batteries has been shown. The batteries provide enough power to devices almost indefinitely. This feature further makes it more preferable to disposables.

  1. High Volume Density:

As a highly reactive element, lithium can release and store large amounts of energy and enabling lithium batteries to achieve high energy capacity in a small size. And the rechargeable lithium coin battery has the highest volume density compared with other shapes of lithium batteries.

  1. Low Self-discharge:

The self-discharge rate is the commonality of rechargeable batteries. The lithium coin battery has a much lower self-discharge rate than other types of rechargeable batteries. The lithium coin battery is typically about 5% at the first 4 hours after being charged. And it will fall to 1% or 2% per month.

  1. Low maintenance:

Coin cell lithium batteries are not subject to memory effects, which means they always give up the last bit of charge. It is more convenient for a user to store because they are no need to be repeatedly charged to keep alive.

  1. More Environment Friendly:

The rechargeable lithium coin battery is more eco-friendly compared with others. The harmful substances in disposable batteries are mainly mercury, cadmium, and lead in some primary batteries, leading to toxic chemicals and heavy metals being released into the environment when discarded. However, rechargeable lithium coin batteries have a lesser impact on environmental pollution.

Precautions of Using Rechargeable Lithium Coin Battery

With the wide use of lithium coin batteries, people should pay attention to use and storage tips.

Lithium coin batteries should only be operated by adults.

Adults should keep the battery out of reach from children or tape them. There are reports of children dying yearly from swallowing coin cell lithium batteries.

Lithium coin batteries should be stored in the correct ways.

Store the coin batteries in their original package under standard room temperature. Ensure to keep the coin batteries away from sunlight and avoid storing them in a metal box or liquids.  If opened, place the batteries in a battery storage box in a dry situation.


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