The idea of creating an electromagnetic system using the nickel-zinc combination has been around for centuries. Thomas Edison was the first one to get obsessed with the idea of producing a Nickel-zinc battery. He was fascinated with the solid electromagnetic chemistry that exists between these two elements but struggled to commercialize a product out of them.

After years of research, today, nickel-zinc rechargeable batteries have become an excellent replacement for lead-acid batteries. A simple Ni-Zn rechargeable battery is more powerful and contains more energy, making it a worthy replacement for other battery combinations.

What Is A Nickel-Zinc Battery?

A nickel-Zinc battery is a rechargeable alkaline system designed using a nickel electrode and a zinc electrode. The system used to create this combination is somewhat similar to the NiCd battery. But unlike the NiCd battery, which produces a charge of 1.2 V, the Ni-Zn rechargeable battery has a high potential charge of 1.6 V. Besides the high voltage, these batteries are lightweight and can be charged many times before being discarded.

A Ni-Zn battery is a preferred power source for devices that need a high-power and high-voltage AA battery, such as handheld game devices, digital cameras, and medical equipment, wireless mouse, electronic dictionary, and so on.

Why Should You Use Nickel-Zinc Batteries?

Investing in a rechargeable Ni-Zn battery is a fantastic decision due to several reasons, which include the following:

  • Best Replacement for Alkaline Battery

A Nickel-Zinc battery has a higher voltage compared to an alkaline battery. A typical alkaline battery can supply a voltage of 1.5, whereas a Ni-Zn rechargeable battery contains a high power density of 1.85 when fully charged. Besides, an alkaline battery will be worn out after a few days, which is not the case with a Nickel-Zinc battery.

  • Long Time Cycle

Nickel-Zinc batteries have a longer life cycle. Cycle life refers to how many charges and discharges a rechargeable battery can accomplish before no charge is left. Typically, a new and powerful nickel-zinc battery has a life of up to 800 cycles.

  • Environmental Friendly

We don’t realize how many batteries we use daily and through in the bin, causing harm to the environment. The Nickel-Zinc battery is a friendly solution for the environment as it does not contain mercury, lead, cadmium, or metal hydrides. Nickel and zinc components within the battery are naturally occurring elements and can be recycled without causing any harm to the environment.

  • Without Flammable Material

These AA batteries do not contain any flammable material. A nickel-zinc battery contains a polymeric separator which makes them safe to use on high voltage drain devices.

  • Cost-Effective

The elements in the battery are found in abundance within the Earth crust, especially Zinc, which is available in a sufficient quantity. This makes the batteries an inexpensive option that can be recharged repeatedly, making them last longer.

Features of BPI Nickel-Zinc Battery

BetterPower Battery & Co. brings you the best quality and high-tech Ni-Zn batteries with fantastic features. BPI has been delivering all sorts of batteries worldwide since 2002, and Nickel-Zinc batteries are the company’s star product.

The BPI Nickel-Zinc battery is certified to perform fantastic with the following qualities:

  1. Upgrade Product of Ni-MH Battery

Nickel-Metal hydride batteries often fail to power up devices that need more voltage and high density. This new generation of batteries designed with high technology can replace the lower voltage generated by the NiMH compound.

  1. High Voltage

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery produces a 1.2 steady voltage. Still, BPI has introduced a Ni-Zn rechargeable battery that delivers a higher voltage of 1.6 V. It produces 0.4 V more than a standard NiMH battery, making it reliable for high drain devices.

  1. Superior Energy

The specific energy of BPI’s fifth-generation Ni-Zn battery is 50% more compared to an average battery. The high density of Ni-Zn battery is 2500mWh (Watt-hours per kilogram), making it a highly powerful system for robust devices.

  1. High Drain Discharge

The high drain discharge is the primary privilege of using Ni-Zn batteries powered by BPI. Using a battery that has a draining capacity of less than 1000mAh will affect the performance of your device. BPI offers you batteries having a higher discharge capacity, allowing you to use your gadgets and high drain devices for hours long.

  1. High-Cost Performance

The high drain discharge combined with the high voltage of the elements makes these batteries perform exceptionally well. With the same capacity, three pieces Ni-Zn battery pack equals four pieces Ni-MH battery pack. Even with the extreme voltage, the batteries maintain stability, so the Ni-Zn is more cost-effective.


BPI is a leading environment protective energy manufacturer. The company aims to promote environmentally friendly products built to last and offer superior performance by producing Ni-Zn rechargeable batteries. Longevity, affordability, and high performance are the highlighting virtues of the batteries produced by BPI.