The rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are all the rage these years, accrediting their diverse applications. From automobiles batteries to power banks, these batteries have carved their way. However, people really know little about the applications and benefits of rechargeable lithium polymer batteries in power banks, and we are sharing all about it in this article!

The Development History of Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

Lithium is known for its low-density configuration, sufficient electrochemical potential, and remarkable energy-to-weight ratio. As we tap into history, experimentation with these batteries started back in 1912 by G.N. Lewis, but the commercial lithium polymer batteries didn’t come around until the 1970s. The most important developments for rechargeable lithium batteries happened in the 1980s.

To begin with, in 1980, John B. Goodenough discovered lithium cobalt oxide as a cathode, while Rachid Yazami discovered the anode in the form of graphite. Moving forward to 1981, Shizukuni Yata and Tokio Yamabe discovered polyacene as an effective anode. As a result, they created the first-ever lithium-ion battery in 1985 while it commercialized in 1991.

Later in 1997, Asahi Kasei and Sony released rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. These batteries were designed with electrolytes in solid polymer composite rather than a liquid solvent. It means that the battery can be wrapped in a flexible form, which means it can be shaped for specific devices, which is why they are used in radio-controlled devices and mobile phones.

The Application of Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

  • UPS or Power Backups

A high-end rechargeable lithium-polymer battery for the UPS or power backup protects the users from power instability and loss. It is different from generators because it delivers instant power to the equipment connected to it. It can be used to power medical technology, communication devices, and computers on purpose. In addition, it can be used for powering the power banks for recharging your smartphones and tablets while on the go.

  •  Recreational Vehicle Power

The rechargeable lithium polymer batteries offer stable, reliable, and long-lasting power, making them suitable for people to discover remote locations for long journeys. For this reason, these batteries can be used to power electric vehicles and RVs while being efficient, compact, and lightweight.

  •  Reliable Marine Performance

Mixing electricity and water leads to various issues, but these batteries allow the users to focus on having fun in the water rather than damaging the marine motor. For this purpose, you can upgrade your boat with a lithium polymer battery and enjoy reliability.

Reasons for Choosing Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries for Power Bank

As already mentioned, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries have become pretty effective for power banks and power backups. For this purpose, the power bank is concerned, rechargeable lithium polymer batteries are used for various reasons, including;

No Liquid Leakage Problem – Polymer lithium-ion batteries use a colloidal electrolyte. Compared with liquid electrolytes, colloidal electrolytes have smooth charging and discharging characteristics and higher charging and discharging channels, which are safe and stable without liquid leakage or explosion risk.

Can be Made into a Thin Battery – The battery’s composite is wrapped in a flexible covering, which is why it can be shaped into thin batteries or batteries of different sizes.

Can be Designed into a Single High Voltage – The lithium polymer batteries are either 4.2V batteries or 3.7V, promising higher single voltage. Similarly, since they release more capacity than regular batteries, they will have better battery life.

High Battery Capacity – The rechargeable lithium polymer batteries have 10-15% higher capacity than steel-cased batteries of the same size and 5-10% higher capacity than aluminum-cased batteries. The lithium polymer batteries are lightweight and offer the highest battery capacity since they can store more charges.

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