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BPI team gathered in Shiyan lake and successfully challenged the 4.5m high wall!

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Don't talk and don't use your feet on the wall. If a man fouls, all the weight comes;All competitors must climb over a 4.5-meter-high wall within the specified time, or they cannot graduate.In the end, the BPI team of 48 successfully climbed over the graduation wall in 11 minutes.

Don't talk and don't use your feet on the wall. If a man fouls, all the weight comes;

All competitors must climb over a 4.5-meter-high wall within the specified time, or they cannot graduate.


In the end, the BPI team of 48 successfully climbed over the graduation wall in 11 minutes.


In July, BPI organized management cadres and marketing teams from Shenzhen and Jiangxi to conduct a two-day team development activity in Changsha Shiyan Lake.

This is a rare party. Through outward bound training, we feel that the potential of people is infinite, and the strength of the team is also more estimated. The Bettel team was excellent. Different training programs give me different inspirations. It will give me a different inspiration. Will bring a lot of help to my work and life in the future,

Review article ~~

There's more to life than just passing
And poetry and distance

Temporarily put aside the dual pressure of life and work, the BPI team set out from Shenzhen and Jiangxi respectively for a two-day outdoor outward bound training.


~~ on my journey

The motorcade goes together, talking and laughing on the way;
When hungry, get off the highway and find the nearest farm to have dinner. There are watermelons, longan, and a large plate of duck meat... .
Don't forget to take a group photo before moving on (there are handsome guys and beautiful girls)



~~ Introduction of Shiyan Lake Scenic area ~~

Shiyan Lake Scenic spot -- "Forest oxygen bar" granted by nature. Located at the interchange of Changzhutan, the scenic area covers an area of 10 square kilometers. It is 10-20 kilometers away from the three cities of Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan. It is one of the first AAAA rated tourist attractions by the National Tourism Administration, the first wildlife park in Hunan Province, one of the hundred scenic spots in Hunan Province, one of the top ten water scenic spots in Hunan Province, the professional development training base in China, and the dragon-boat racing base for the masses. It is one of the most popular ten tourist attractions for changsha citizens.


Shiyan Lake surrounded by mountains, clear water such as jade, mountains show cut, gu Gan Qiu zhi, shady ramps, but also because of its lake pure and quiet, and rich in a variety of trace elements required by the human body is known as the "earth Yao Chi".


Warm up (day 1 of expansion)

Warm-up activities in everyone's loud slogans and laughter opened the curtain.

The whole process has a professional coaching team, both serious and humorous, let everyone follow the command, there is no lack of joy.

Before the group, the coach will give you a little game experience


For example: shoulder to shoulder, according to the date of birth order of everyone in a circle (no noise);
Let everyone gradually into the atmosphere of the game.

PK first wave ~~

The game is divided into four teams, captain and vice captain after the points

In the prescribed time to think of the team name, slogan, sing the team song and formation.


In the first round of team PK, the final result is the Lions last place, probably because the coach found one of the team wearing slippers, as a result, the first team fined 10 pulling each other's ears squat in place.

PK second wave ~~


"Challenge 150 Seconds" each team should complete 3 games within 150 seconds, which are beating heart, passionate applause and passionate transmission. The one who finishes early wins, the one who finishes last will be penalized. It is necessary to test the tacit understanding and cooperation ability of each team member.

Beating heart

The partners of each team stand in a circle with ropes tied to a disc. Each person grabs the other end of the rope so that the ball on the disc jumps continuously. Everyone is a pacemaker, can you challenge Success depends on the partners' ability to cooperate and cooperate with each other.

Passionate applause.


Chanting the team slogan "Bettley will be better tomorrow" by clapping, asking the whole team to form a circle, pat the next teammate on the shoulder, count and say the first word of the slogan; Tap your shoulders twice, say the first two words of the sign on the count of two; Wait, say the slogan and clap your hands.

Passion is passed

Each group stands in a line, each holding a semicircular rubber hose and passing a ball from the front of the line to the back of the line. Both hands should not touch the ball, the ball should not fall to the ground, and the whole group should not make a sound. Cooperation can quickly improve the relationship between people, break through some restrictive concepts, and experience the sense of accomplishment of success integrated into teamwork.

If there is a race, there will be a bottom. After the second round of team PK, the final result is the Last eagles. Here, we present the "Little Apple" square dance.


~~PK third wave~~
Members of each group of "rapid fax" strive to hit the foam board marked with numbers with a certain part of their body in the shortest time.
Rules of the game: 

1. The same person cannot hit the foam board continuously. 

2. Two or more people cannot hit the foam board at the same time. 

3. The project is divided into two areas: the preparation area and the challenge area. We will enter the challenge area from the preparation area for a challenge. The time to enter the challenge area from the preparation area is 15 seconds. After entering the challenge area, we will quickly find our own position. After 15 seconds, the project starts. The project is in progress, No one can speak (but can have hand movements), and no one can walk (one foot must be a middle driven foot) 

4. Each group has a chance to practice, and this exercise is not included in the score. If anyone violates the above rules, he will have no score in this challenge.


The purpose of expansion is to make students understand the cruelty of competition, have confidence and courage, and dare to face the cruel pressure of social reality.
(there are too many holes in this game, so guess for yourself...)

~~PK fourth wave~~
Rafting and swimming all the members of the team make a bamboo raft with oil barrels, bamboo poles and other materials within the limits of the rules. Finally, all the members work together to row the raft to the designated place to complete the task.


Development objectives:

 1. Experience the good working methods of unified command, division of labor and cooperation, and people performing their duties; 

2. Understand the importance of teamwork; Feel the truth that more people and more power; 3. Relieve the pressure of work, release the imprisoned thoughts, let go of the rules and regulations in life, and create and show yourself to your heart's content.

In the expansion project "rafting and swimming", because many teams did not have clear division of labor, clear responsibilities and good cooperation, they did not tie it up for a long time, and there were still quarrels in the process. Seeing this situation, the expansion coach gave me the correct guidance. We adjusted our strategies and tactics, fixed the personnel and positions... Finally, the first team of the lions won the final victory.


This expansion project has taught us the truth that teamwork is the only way to achieve success. When team partners make mistakes or lack tacit cooperation, you should have an inclusive heart and think about your past shortcomings. In addition, the method may not be appropriate enough. Effective self-examination can calm your anger. In this way, you will be easy to understand others, and it will be easy to enhance mutual understanding and friendship in communication with partners.

~~Outdoor development sharing meeting~~
After a day's training, our team held a summary and sharing meeting in the outdoor, and everyone enthusiastically stood on the stage to share their development experiences; It lasted about 3 hours until late at night;

By playing games from point to area, the team has learned a lot, benefited a lot, and the pattern has been improved. In fact, the ability of each team member is very good. The key to success or failure lies in the pattern and the spirit of self sacrifice. I believe everything is possible!


~~Expand the next day~~
The beauty of the morning is really exciting. I am impressed by the magic of nature and the intoxicating scenery.

~~PK fifth wave~~
Red and black double decoding ponders how to communicate with teammates in detail and accurately every time they master the information within a limited time, and use effective methods to record it.

Rules of the game: there are 26 playing cards on the table, including 13 red playing cards and 13 black playing cards. First turn over the red a of playing cards, then turn over the black a of playing cards, red 2 and black 2 until the red K and black K of playing cards. Each team can only turn over one player each time, and each player can only turn over one card each time; If the opened card is correct, the card faces up; if it is wrong, the card faces down; Each team shall not change the position of the card during the process; Do not mark or damage playing cards; The one who gets more points wins.

Summary: review and share the double decoding of the expansion project and how to divide the work of the expansion double decoding. It is not difficult to find out through careful analysis of the results. When encountering problems, especially those that need to be solved quickly, people are often distracted and in a hurry. 


If we have conducted a calm analysis in advance, the strategy is to require no one to speak and complete the task entirely by memory. The division of labor is more scientific, everyone participates in it, and the strength of the team is most fully reflected. 


The premise of these is that we have conducted a profound reflection in advance, and the basis of reflection is the previous two failure experiences.

Just think, if at the beginning, we can calm down and take these possible problems into account, the result will be another matter. 


In fact, everyone can encounter difficult things in life. The so-called impulse is the devil, which tells us to think twice before we act. It is necessary to think in advance at any time. The outcome of thinking is also very different.

The PK result is still the penultimate of the flying eagle team. Don't say anything. Do 20 push ups.

~~Graduation wall~~
Graduation wall: no speaking, no stepping on the wall. If one person violates the rules, all of them will start again; Within the specified time, all the team members should climb over a 4.5-meter-high wall, otherwise they will not graduate!


The commander in chief is explaining the safety issues and precautions to us, especially the first and last colleagues who climb up, need to pay attention to many safety issues; After a round of lessons, everyone took collective action.

As the saying goes: when people are united, Mount Tai moves; Finally, 48 members of BPI team successfully climbed the graduation wall in 11 minutes!!!


First of all, I want to thank the bottom teammates. Dozens of companions stepped on their shoulders, sweat and sand covered their clothes; Their shoulders were stamped with red blood. Their dedication and dedication earned the success of the team.

Every United cooperation, every warm embrace after success, and every Frank sharing of completed projects will make each other more understanding, more cordial and more friendly. In conclusion, the coach said: maybe their parents, wives and children have never stepped on their shoulders, but today he bears the weight of dozens of us; Treat people who help themselves with gratitude and learn to help others before they can be helped by others.

This game reflects the collective wisdom and strength of our team. It is just the so-called: the whole team should work together, and its profits should be cut off. A collective or a team needs the joint efforts of all its members to make achievements. If one person does not work hard or cooperate, breaks away from the team or acts arbitrarily, it is difficult to achieve great achievements in work. 


This is the so-called barrel principle; Therefore, each member of a team has different abilities and characteristics. Only by learning from each other's strong points and cooperating closely can they succeed. The progress of the team does not rely on individual heroism, but on a highly cooperative team spirit.

In today's fierce social competition environment, we need to be tenacious, indomitable and courageous in order to survive in this harsh environment;There is a good saying: survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest! 


However, when a team is faced with difficult tasks or difficulties, it can strengthen its confidence, work together in the same boat, be fearless in the face of rough waves, be able to play under any conditions and rules, and play to the end. In that way, that team can complete tasks that others think can not be completed, and can successfully reach the other side of the victory, the dazzling peak. Also, because the highest honor only belongs to the spirit of ambition, A team that never fails.


The outward bound training is short-lived, but it has a long-term impact on us. It is not only these beautiful and vivid memories, but also a different kind of learning for us. With the feelings and gains of this training, I firmly believe that we will be invincible, ride the wind and waves, overcome all difficulties and obstacles, and strive for the development goal of BPI 

Finally, I wish BPI a prosperous future



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