500W energy storage power portable solar standby power supply

500W energy storage power portable solar standby power supply

500W energy storage power portable solar standby power supply

500W energy storage power portable solar standby power supply

Product features: 1, support type-c and AC charging fast 2, display can display watt-hour 3, DC can continue output (otherwise can not charge the car refrigerator) 4, 50HZ and 60HZ can be arbitrarily switched, 5, conversion rate of more than 90%
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Product Introduction:

Waveform: sine wave (not sine wave circuit design power supply is easy to burn out)
Capacity: 120000mAh/444Wh,3.7V (overall power 500W)
Net weight 6.0kg 6.5kg after packaging
Battery: high quality lithium ion battery
(General lithium 600 times charge, no memory effect, 600 charge after about 85% of the storage capacity)

Input voltage:
AC: AC 110V/220V 60/50Hz
DC: 12.6V/4A (straight-through battery pack, UPS function, unlimited flow, so only one charging cable, adapter built-in)
Solar energy :12.6V~18V/15W~150W Unlimited current (18V 5.5a 100W solar panel)

Output voltage:
220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
DC output :9.0~12.6V/15A
4 USB 5 v / 2.1 A
Cigarette lighter: 9.0 ~ 12.6 V / 15 a

Operating temperature: -10 ~ 40℃
Life cycle: >500 times
Security protection: multiple protection
Product size: 251*159*158mm
Color: white/black
Input conversion: 90%
Output conversion: conversion rate of inverter is 92%/ overall conversion rate of the whole machine with battery pack is 85%

Main advantages:

1. Large r&d investment costs (including software and hardware investment);

2. The output conversion rate is over 90%;

3, the internal heat dissipation performance is good, all intelligent heat dissipation silent cooling system, can improve the product conversion rate effect to a high point;

4, cost-effective;

5. Fast delivery (15 working days);

6. Stable performance, including overload and internal heating test (it takes one month for normal outdoor power development, but 8 months for market commissioning);

7. 80% of ordinary energy storage power sources below 500W cannot stop working after discharging the battery, and will not work when only 6-70% of the battery is discharged. Our products can put the battery to 99.8% (the battery will automatically shut down when the last grid is discharged);

8, the fuselage aluminum shell surface of military grade anodic oxidation process, anti-combustion, anti-explosion, corrosion resistance, anti-extrusion protection products.

Application: outdoor camping, household emergency energy storage, outdoor stalls, outdoor live events

Bpi-od500 Instructions:

Main functions:

1, four AC output (2 double sockets, 2 three sockets)

2. 3 DC17V outlets

3, 4 USB output ports, one Type-c output port

4, AC and DC each control switch

Special note:

1, do not take the car ignition function, is to safety starting point,

The car point will instantly produce large current easy to burn out; As with this

The function of the general are not professional;

2, the battery power: 444Wh, overall power:

500Wh, at 85% conversion rate, can give 170W

Air conditioning nearly 2.2 hours;

3, charging time: according to the built-in adapter 12.6V/4A

Calculated power: 50Wh, full time: 8.8 hours;

4. Solar panel input can be used to charge it. Recommended

100W-DC35173 or DC5521 (solar light turns

The conversion rate is only 22.5%, only 22.5W by 100W conversion, 19 small charge

, and the normal light time is only about 4 hours a day, so

It takes about 4 days to recharge.)


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