Fast Charge Batteries

  • Cycle life over 1000 cycles.
  • Excellent multiplier performance, patented structure design
  • Support 10C continuous fast charging, support -40℃ – 80℃
  • Fire probability within 1ppm, low voltage and leakage within 10ppm.
  • New solid state battery, capacity increase more than 30%.
  • Targeted at consumer electronics, adopts special material systems and processes for the fast charge. Widely used in TWS earphone, bluetooth speaker, wearable devices…

3C Digital Batteries

  • A complete range of models with small volume, light weight and customer-made;
  • Wide capacity rage from 40mAh to 10000mAh for various applications;
  • Highest volume energy density up to about 550Wh/L;
  • Long cycle life up to 1000 times;
  • Global top brand designated supplier.

Low Temperature Batteries

  • 0.5C discharge efficiency is above 80% under-40°C , applicable to extreme cold environments, meanwhile the short-term storage temperature can reach 70°C;
  • Widely used in armed forces, aviation, aerospace, deep sea snorkeling equipment power supply, two way radio, winter clothes, cold proof shoes…

High Temperature Batteries

  • 80°C  high temperature discharge efficiency up to 96%, the industry’s advanced level, meanwhile, it has 86.2% low temperature discharge efficiency at-10°C ,  the short-term storage temperature can reach 85°C;
  • Widely used in vehicle GPS, tire pressure detector, baby monitor…