Regular Type Batteries

  • High capacity up to AA2800mAh/ AAA1100mAh, which is the world’s highest capacity;
  • Adopt Japan SANYO’s steel belt technology and edge-scraping technology of negative electrode, high safety;
  • Energy density is 30% higher than Ni-Cd battery;
  • Long cycle life up to 1000 times, cost-effective;
  • Stable charging and discharging performance;
  • Various models: A, AA, AAA, AAAAA, SC, C, D, F, 9V.

Super Low Self-discharge Batteries

  • Keep 70% power after 10 years storage.
  • The new user experience, allows you to be active and dynamic at any time, without any power interruption.
  • Good helper in mine emergency and disaster relief, increase the protection of life at any time.

Low Self-discharge Batteries

  • Compared with regularNi-MH batteries, low self-discharge batteries has many advantages such as lower self-discharge, longer storage time, longer cycle life etc.,
  • Electric charge will be over than 80% after 2 years storage;
  • The battery voltage can be kept above 1.2V after use up without charge for 1 year;
  • The charge retention rate will be above 70% after 30 days storage under 60°C.

High / Low Temperature Batteries

  • High / low temperature batteries adopt special techniques and materials to ensure the excellent charge and discharge performance in high/ low temperature environment.
  • High temperature batteries: in the ambient temperature at 70°C, the charging efficiency is up to 80%.
  • Low temperature batteries can work under-40°C ~40°C; the discharge efficiency can reach over 50% at -40°C.

Wide Temperature Batteries

  • Under the condition of ambient temperature -40~60 °C, the discharge efficiency of the battery can reach 65~100%.
  • Wide temperature range performance: charging at -30°C to 60°C, discharging at -20°C to 85°C, and can be stored at -40°C to 85°C;
  • Low self-discharge: after 1 year storage, the self-discharge rate is 1% in -20°C, 1.9% in 0°C, and 3.2% in 20°C;
  • Strong over-discharge recovery capabilities with 80% recoverable after excessively low voltage;
  • Good safety performance: can pass all safety certification tests.

Ni-ZN Batteries

  • The fifth generation rechargeable batter Upgrade product of Ni-MH battery, replacement of Alkaline battery and Ni-CD battery
  • High voltage: the discharge platform is 1.6V, 0.4V higher than Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.
  • High energy: 50% hgher than the same capacity of Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.
  • Good performance for high drain discharge,good for high drain consumer electronic products.
  • High cost-performance product: with the same capacity,4pcs Ni-MH battery pack equal 3pcs Ni-Zn battery pack.