Energy Storage Battery

  • High-Quality Li-ion Batteries Pack assembling. Universal lithium charging 600 times, no memory effect, about 85% of storage capacity after 600 times of charging.
  • Output conversion rate is over 90%.
  • Excellent Interior Heat-dissipating capability, compatible with multiple devices.
  • Cost-effective, lightweight integrated with large battery capacity.
  • Separate power switch with AC and DC.
  • Multiple AC & DC Output Port available to Charging Your Devices in any time.
  • Accept solar panel charging.

Portable Air Conditioner

  • Lightweight,easy to carry, no need add water, timeless free maintenance service.
  • High-efficiency cooling conversion rate, effective cooling range is 4.6 square meters.
  • Three wind speeds: very cool air flow, fast breeze, and normal fan air volume.
  • 2 USB 5V / 4A charging ports design,support to charge mobile phone
  • Up to 48 dB 3W Bluetooth audio stereo, superb sound quality; 250 lumens soft light LED lighting, you can read books, and lighting.

Solar Panel

  • Use SunPower high-efficiency battery cell,with a conversion efficiency of more than 22.5%.
  • Characteristics of wear resistance, long life, foldable, lightweight, small size, easy to carry and store.
  • Use transparent PET, frosted PET, ETFE and packaging processes.
  • Can be equipped with MC4, SAE, DC, USB, ANDERSON, etc. output interfaces and various types of cables.
  • The SunPower battery chip has a copper wire connection on the back, which is extremely strong and not fragile, and not easy to lose power.

Solar Backpack

  • Adopt to import SunPower high-efficiency battery, the conversion efficiency is up to 22.5%.
  • It has the characteristics of long wear life, lightweight, small volume and easy to carry and receive.
  • It can be equipped with MC4 SAE DC USB ANDERSON and other output ports and a variety of models of wire.
  • The back of the Sunpower battery is connected with copper wire, which is extremely strong and not easy to break, and not easy to lose power.