100W Flexible Solar Panel with 0.3m MC4 Output Line in the Roof Power Generation System of Sightseeing Cars/RV/Yachts


  • Use SunPower high-efficiency battery cell, with a conversion efficiency of more than 22.5%.
  • Characteristics of wear resistance, long life, flexible, lightweight, small size, easy to carry, and store.
  • Use transparent PET, frosted PET, ETFE, and packaging processes.
  • It can be equipped with MC4, SAE, DC, USB, ANDERSON, etc. output interfaces and various types of cables.
  • The SunPower battery chip has a copper wire connection on the back, which is extremely strong and not fragile, and not easy to lose power.


BPI SunPower flexible solar panel adopts world-leading US  SUNPOWER solar cells with a unique copper foundation, delivers unmatched reliability, and allows us to build solar panels with the world record for the highest efficiency.

SunPower flexible solar panel are lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant. Unmatched durability allows for use in the harshest environments. It can charge for most rechargeable batteries, and it can power up the boat, RV, caravan, recreational vehicles, and roof layout solar system. Power your next adventure!


Model: BPI-SP100W
100W flexible solar panel
Cell: Sunpower
Conversion efficiency:> 22.5%
Power: 100W
Voltage: 17.6V or 35.2V
Current: 5.68A or 2.84A
Size: 1050x450x2.0mm
Output connector: MC4
Junction box waterproof grade: IP65
Weight: 1.95KG


10pcs / carton
50pcs / wooden box
1500pcs / 20-foot cabinet