2100 mAh AA Rechargeable Battery Suitable for Gamepads, Wireless Mice, Children’s Toys


  1. Super Low Self-discharge Batteries
  • BPI Super Low Self-discharge Ni-MH battery Keep 70% power after 10 years of storage.
  • The new user experience, allows you to be active and dynamic at any time, without any power interruption.
  • A good helper in mine emergency and disaster relief, increase the protection of life at any time.
  • Various models:AA, AAA, AAAA, AAAAA, SC, C, D, F, 9V
  1. Low Self-discharge Batteries
  • Compared with regular-MH batteries, low self-discharge batteries have many advantages such as lower self-discharge, longer storage time, longer cycle life, etc.,
  • The electric charge will be over than 80% after 2 years of storage;
  • The battery voltage can be kept above 1.2V after use up without charge for 1 year;
  • The charge retention rate will be above 70% after 30 days of storage under 60°C.
  • Perfect products to replace primary batteries;



KTV microphone, microphone, digital camera, electronic clock, gamepad, wireless mouse, electric shaver, children’s toy, KA / KB large-scale supermarket blister card battery, electronic dictionary, etc.


Model: BPI-AA2100lsd Product Name: AA rechargeable Ni-MH Battery
Voltage: 1.2V Capacity: 2100mAh
Cycle Times: About 1200 times Memory Effect: None
Charging time: About 7.0 hours Battery Cell Size: 50 x 10mm
Certified: UL, CE, ROSH Large Capacity: Meet Consumer Electronics Needs