High-quality 18650 Lithium ion Battery Pack 500W for Portable Power Station Outdoor Power Supply


  • Great safety performance and reliability, long cycle life, great uniformity of batteries.
  • The serial automatic electrode production lines improve the capacity of every single battery and guarantee the comprehensive performance of batteries in mass production .
  • Advanced automatic cell matching according to battery capacity, voltage, and internal resistance to assure battery cells within the battery pack are uniform.
  • Overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and short circuit protection.



Outdoor power supply, outdoor energy storage power supply, portable power supply


Model: BPI-18650-3S16P-11.1V Nominal Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 40000mah Battery Cell Size: 65X18.4MM
Typical Capacity: 40Ah Battery Pack Size: 123X110X70MM
Terminal Wire: 510024-2P (positive and negative) UL3239 18AWG
UL3135 12AWG extra soft with cold-pressed terminal 5.5-6 / 12-10
Energy: 444Wh Internal Resistance: ≤100mΩ
Weight: about 2600g Charging Cut-off Voltage: 12.6V
Charging Temperature:  0℃- +45 ℃ Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 8.25V
Standard charge and discharge current: 0.2C Maximum Charging Current: 0.5C
Maximum Discharge Current: 60A Working Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Standard Charging:  Refers to charging at a constant current of 0.2C to FC voltage in an environment of 25 ± 2.5 ℃
After that, it will switch to constant voltage FC voltage charging, and stop charging when the charging current is less than 0.02C.
Standard Discharge: Refers to a constant current discharge of 0.2C to FD voltage at 25 ± 2.5 ℃. 0.2C capacity: After the standard is fully charged, let it stand for 10 minutes, then discharge with 0.2C current to FD voltage, the recorded discharge time