500W Portable Power Station/Power Bank Solar Generator for Roadtrip/Outdoor Livestreaming/Camping


  • Come with a variety of high-powered output, storage capacities, and multiple ways to recharge, it will keep your gear running, indoors and outdoor.
  • High-Quality Li-ion Batteries Pack assembling. Universal lithium charging 600 times, no memory effect, about 85% of storage capacity after 600 times of charging.
  • Output conversion rate is over 90%.
  • Excellent Interior Heat-dissipating Capability.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Widely Compatible with Multiple Devices
  • Lightweight compact shape design integrated with large battery capacity.
  • Separate power switch with AC and DC simplify the operation.
  • Multiple AC & DC Output Port available to Charging Your Devices in Any Time.
  • Accept Solar Panel Charging.



The small and portable backup power supply is widely used as a backup power supply for small household breathing machines during the Epidemic period to prevent power failure from affecting patients.

Applications: outdoor construction, outdoor tourism, outdoor survey, outdoor office, army drill, power detection, film and television shooting, fire emergency, outdoor communication, environmental monitoring, etc.


Model: BPI-OD500N Wave: Pure sine wave
Capacity: 120000mAh / 444Wh, 3.7V (overall power 500W) Weight: 4.5KG
Battery: High-quality lithium-ion battery (General lithium-ion battery  charging 600 times, no memory effect,  and about 85% storage capacity after 600 charging)
Solar Charging: 17V ~ 32V 3A MAX USB Output: 5V / 2.1A
Quality Control: 3.0 5V / 3A 9V / 2A DC Output: Maximum 12V ± 1V / 9A
LED Flashlight: 2W Type-C: 5V / 3.6A, 9V / 3.6A, 12V / 3.6A, 20V / 2.6A
Transient Response Time: No more than 5 ms Colors: Red / Yellow
DC Output: 9 ~ 17.6V / 10A (15A max) COB Lights: Lighting, SOS, flashing
Life Cycle: Cycle life is more than 500 times Security Protection: Multiple protection
Product Size: L290 * W120 * H200mm Working Temperature: -10 ° C (-50 ° F) ~ -60 ° C (140 ° F)

BPI-OD500N Contents:

1. 4 x AC output (2 x double charging port, 2 x triple charging port)
2. 3 x DC17V output ports
3. 4 x USB output ports, 1 TYPE-C output port
4.1 AC and DC power control switch
5. Comfortable and portable
6. An LED light switch (lighting and SOS search and rescue)


1. Safety considerations do not have the car ignition function, the car ignition will instantly generate a large current and it is easy to burn the equipment; It is generally unprofessional to set up a car ignition on the devices.
2. The battery power is 444Wh, the conversion rate is 85%, and it can be powered supply for 170W air conditioner about 1.5 hours;
3. Charging Period: 15/2A 30Wh, Full charging approximately 9.8H
4. It can be charged by solar panel, and we recommended to use 200W-DC35173 or 500W-DC5521. (The solar light conversion rate is only 22.5%, which is converted to 200W to 45W. It takes 9.8 hours to charge, and the normal daylight time is only 4 hours, so It takes 2.45 days to charge.)