NI-MH Battery Packs 12V 70Ah High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Packs in Smart 5G Coal Mine


  • Half Ready-to-Use technology, good consistency, and long-term storage;
  • High safety performance, exclusive explosion-proof patent(Patent No:X);
  • Ni-MH battery packs (A,AA,AAA,AAAAA, SC,C, D, F size) adopts the advanced technology formula production, extended the battery using range, high-temperature performance, and cycle life, making our battery better meet the various industrial needs.
  • Facilities for serial automatic electrode production lines improve single battery capacity and guarantee mass production battery’s comprehensive performance.



5G base station backup power for smart coal mines, emergency power for communication
(5G base stations are generally configured every 300 meters)


Model: BPI-89F14000mAh-10S5P Product Name: NiMH Battery Pack
Voltage: 12V Capacity: 70Ah
Standard Charge: 7A×16hrs Minimum Capacity: 65Ah/0.1C
Fast Charge: 14A×6.5hrs(-ΔV=5mV/cell) Dimensions: 32*89mm(length*width)
Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 70℃ Capacity: Meet Industry Needs
Weight: 245g IR: Single battery cell≤5 mΩ
Cycle Times: ≥3000 times High Current Discharge Characteristics ≥120 minutes