High Capacity Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery 1100mAh 1.2V AAA Battery for TV Air Conditioner Remote Control


  • High capacity up to AA2800mAh/ AAA1100mAh, which is the world’s highest capacity;
  • Adopt Japan SANYO’s steel belt technology and edge-scraping technology of negative electrode, high safety;
  • Energy density is 30% higher than Ni-Cd battery;
  • Long cycle life up to 1000 times, cost-effective;
  • Stable charging and discharging performance;
  • Various models: A, AA, AAA, AAAAA, SC, C, D, F, 9V.



TV remote control, air conditioning remote control, children’s toys, wireless mouse, fan remote control, razor, nose hair clipper, instruments, wireless keyboard, etc.


Model: BPI-AAA1100hc Product name: AAA rechargeable Ni-MH battery
Voltage: 1.2V Capacity: 1100mAh
Cycle Times: about 1200 times Memory Effect: None
Charging time: About 3.5 hours Battery Cell Size: 44 x 10mm
Certified: UL, CE, ROSH Large Capacity: Meet consumer electronics