40W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Supply Power for Energy Storage System/Battery Pack/5V Electronic Equipment/LED Lights/ Smartphones


  • Use SunPower high-efficiency battery cell,with a conversion efficiency of more than 22.5%.
  • Characteristics of wear resistance, long life, foldable, lightweight, small size, easy to carry and store.
  • Use transparent PET, frosted PET, ETFE and packaging processes.
  • Can be equipped with MC4, SAE, DC, USB, ANDERSON, etc. output interfaces and various types of cables.
  • The SunPower battery chip has a copper wire connection on the back, which is extremely strong and not fragile, and not easy to lose power.



Power supply for energy storage systems, battery packs, 5V electronic devices, LED lights, smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, drones, cameras, car refrigerators, projectors, TVs and rice cookers, etc.


Model: BPI-SF40WB
40W portable solar foldable panel
Power output: 40W 13.2V 2.27A
Battery Cell: SunPower 125 * 125mm
Fabric type: Polyester 900D (optional 600D / 1000D)
Fabric Color: Black / Camouflage / Others
Expanded size: 850 * 280 * 5mm
Folding size: 280 * 280 * 14mm
Weight: 1KG

Packaging Including:

1 × 40 portable solar foldable panel
1 × 1 meter AWG16 UV-resistant wire with SAE head or MC4 head and Anderson head (can be customized)