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Inflatable battery or substitute for disposable battery

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With the strong promotion of the national new power strategy, conservative disposable batteries with high infection, high consumption and low repurchase rate will face the danger of being replaced, and dense disposable battery brands will face product transformation and promotion.

With the strong promotion of the national new power strategy, conservative disposable batteries with high infection, high consumption and low repurchase rate will face the danger of being replaced, and dense disposable battery brands will face product transformation and promotion.


For the time being, the No. 5 disposable battery and No. 7 disposable battery in the market are mainly alkaline batteries. Its advantage is that the 1.5V voltage is quiet, the size is consistent, and it is relatively simple to buy and use. However, in the recycling of energy-saving and efficient resources, the defects of disposable batteries are undoubtedly exposed.

At present, compared with the primary battery, the rechargeable battery is at least complete with the following four advantages:

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1. A good rechargeable battery can release much more effective energy than a disposable dry battery, and the internal resistance is small, so the load capacity is high;

2. The common alkaline battery can only discharge at the tip once, while the rechargeable battery can be used repeatedly, which is suitable for the strategy of frugal resource and resource recycling;

3. More environmentally friendly, disposable dry batteries often have to be discarded after use. Most rechargeable batteries can be used at least 1000 times. Therefore, in terms of resource utilization and recyclability, rechargeable batteries have obvious advantages. This has also been strongly supported by the policy;

4. More economical. With the rapid popularization of intelligent home furnishings in China, the origination of large AC electrical appliances has decreased. For example: gas stove battery (No. 5 to No. 1), sphygmomanometer battery, smart lock battery, KTV transmitter battery, electric toy battery, etc. In the repeated replacement of batteries, the monthly operating cost of single appliance disposable batteries is between 2-4 yuan, while the monthly operating cost of rechargeable batteries is only between 0.01 yuan and 0.1 yuan.

From this point of view, rechargeable batteries may replace disposable batteries, but there is no problem. For the time being, there are many domestic rechargeable battery brands, such as Chaowei battery, Nanfu battery, zinc super power battery and Pinsheng PISEN. In the use of dense rechargeable batteries, what typical battery is the most effective? As we all know, common charging batteries can be divided into nickel cadmium rechargeable batteries, nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries and lead batteries. 

For the time being, the latest information includes zinc nickel batteries, also known as nickel zinc batteries or zinc based batteries, which have more sufficient wind power and higher stability.


At first, the nickel cadmium battery has a small restraining force, which means that the internal resistance is very small, so it can be charged quickly. 

Even if it is not handled properly during the charging and discharging process, the battery content will be reduced. Due to the toxic cadmium in the widely used nickel cadmium batteries (Ni Cd), the disposal of waste batteries is complicated and the environmental pollution is great. The use of these batteries has been banned in Europe and these products will be phased out.

As a result, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries with relatively environmental protection are produced. However, Ni MH rechargeable batteries have been facing this voltage control. Its voltage of 1.2V makes the application scope of its electrical appliances narrow. Rare earth non-metallic materials are used as anode materials, which are state managed and controlled substances with high cost and Limited prosperity.

Lithium batteries are also rare in life. However, due to the high difficulty of lithium battery, its cost remains high, and it is generally only used in a few transportation things and high-power electrical appliances. Because lithium battery is an oily electrolyte solution, the danger of life gas explosion is prevented from being used in the high stability range.

Therefore, there are many kinds of rechargeable batteries in the current market, but the foundation is faced with instability, low voltage, high cost and serious infection. The new zinc nickel battery (zinc based battery) is a pain point on the ingenious and effective disposal.


Zinc energy battery has the following advantages:

1. Zinc nickel 1.6V high voltage, which is close to the disposable battery voltage. It can be used in any situation where only 1.5V primary battery is used;

2. Stable environmental protection, because the zinc based battery is a water-based battery, it will not burst on fire, and the recycling rate is as high as 90%;

3. High power, zinc based battery can discharge at 50c tip and discharge at 150C tip in an instant;

4. Withstand over discharge, put the battery at 0V, and it can still be used effectively after charging;

5. Good high and low temperature performance. The operating temperature range is -45 ℃ -80 ℃, which can be charged and discharged normally. It can work effectively regardless of the cold and hot winter.

6. Long service life. The service life is 4-6 times that of lead-acid battery. The intelligent idle battery can be used for 5 to 20 years.


As mentioned above, the advantages of the new generation of zinc based batteries are particularly obvious. For the time being, China's Zinc super power brand and Chaowei brand are all practiced in this field. In July, 2020, the first industrial specification for zinc nickel battery sj/t 11755-2020 "general typical zinc nickel battery" jointly developed by Henan Chaoli New Power Co., Ltd. was officially promulgated and officially implemented on October 1, 2020. As for the Chaowei brand, its latest Chaowei zinc energy battery also has a strong market competitiveness.

Therefore, China is leading the world in the range of zinc based rechargeable batteries. It is concluded that the connection of zinc based batteries is universal, which will effectively reduce the problem of infection, and effectively stimulate the rapid prosperity of intelligent idle living.
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