BPI 300W Outdoor energy storage mobile power supply

Product features 1. Bidirectional charging, supporting quick charging of Type-c and AC 2, the display can display watt-hour 3, DC can be continuously output 3USB 5, the sequence of light transformation (dark, light, SOS, flash) 6, 50HZ and 60HZ can be arbitrarily switched 7. The conversion rate is over 90%
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Product Description:
Times, A portable intelligent outdoor power 300 w, fine aluminum not easily scratched appearance, multiple output, meet the demand of charge multiple devices, with a-class car batteries, more stable performance, complete product certification, support A variety of custom demand, from the battery pack to power products, integrated supply chain, source factory direct delivery, quality guaranteed.
Product parameters:
Waveform: sine wave
Battery pack: 296Wh,80000mAh
Rated power: 300W Peak power: 500W
Battery type: high quality lithium ion battery
(General lithium 600 times charge, no memory effect, 600 charge after about 85% of the storage capacity)
Output voltage:
AC output: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz/ 50Hz
(3 US/day gauge, 2 gb output)
Two DC outputs :13.2V/10A(MAX) 132W
A USB 5 v / 2.41 A
A USB - QC3.0:5 v / 3 A, 9 v / 2 A, 18 w 12 v / 1.5 A MAX
1TPYE-C:12V/3A) (Dual-pass)
Car charging output :13.2V/5-10A MAX
Light: 4W
AC: AC 110V-220V 60/50Hz
DC: Adapter 22V/5A(110W), 3-hour full charge
Solar power: Anderson interface 100W MAX (18-24V)
Tpye-c: : 20V/3A 60WMAX
With DC charge, it can be fully charged in about 2 hours
Charging temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
Discharge temperature: -10~60℃ (14~140℉)
Storage temperature: -20~45℃ (-4~113℉)
Life cycle: >500 times
Security protection: multiple protection
Product size: 256X150X158MM
Packing size: 30X22X29CM
Model: 4.5 KG
Color: Space silver
Input conversion: 90%
Output conversion: inverter conversion rate is 92%
BPS300M selling point:
1. Bidirectional charging, supporting type-c and AC charging together, which means fast charging;
2, the display screen can display the wattage;
3, car charging output can recharge the car battery;
4. DC can be continuously output (otherwise it will not be able to charge the vehicle refrigerator);
5. Switching sequence of lights (dark, light, SOS, flash);
6, 50HZ and 60HZ can be arbitrarily switched;
7. Conversion rate over 90%;
8. 3USB (including QC3.0);
9, with the function of charging and releasing
Application: outdoor camping, household emergency energy storage, Marine fishing energy storage power supply, outdoor stalls, outdoor live activities, outdoor barbecue, etc.
Energy storage Power supply: Manager Ling 13714785383 (same wechat number)
National free customer service hotline: 400-0667-800

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