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What do you know about the maintenance methods for Ni MH batteries?

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1. in general, the new NiMH batteries only contain a small amount of electricity, so they should be recharged and then used after purchase. However, even if the battery has a short delivery time and sufficient power, it is recommended to use it before charging.

1. in general, the new NiMH batteries only contain a small amount of electricity, so they should be recharged and then used after purchase. However, even if the battery has a short delivery time and sufficient power, it is recommended to use it before charging.

2. newly purchased NiMH batteries generally need to be recharged and used for 3-4 times, and their instinctive skills are at their best. Many partners encounter small problems during the first charge, for example, the number of films taken after the first charge is not as large as expected. After 3-4 times of charging and application, they are all ripe.


3. although the retrospective effect of Ni MH battery is small, I still recommend you to recharge it after previous use, and it is a one-time recharge. Do not recharge it after a while. This is the key point of "prolonging life".

4. when charging the battery, be wary of the heat dissipation in the charger range. There is no need to use any fan too deliberately, but be wary of not placing too many sundries in the charger range. In the process of using batteries, most users often do not have special storage bags for batteries; After replacing the battery, the user will put the battery conveniently, although the place can be pure and wet. The result is that the battery is simply dirty, and the contacts are easy to contact with non-metallic materials? For example, the key is in battle and simply frozen, and those are the great enemies of the battery. Advocate: the user should set up a special place for the battery and keep the battery clean. To avoid power loss and other problems, keep the contact points at both ends of the battery and the interior of the battery cover clean. If necessary, use a soft and clean dry cloth to wipe gently.


5. when not in use for a long time, remember to take the battery out of the battery compartment and put it in a dry environment. It is recommended to put it in the battery box to prevent battery short circuit.

6. nickel metal hydride batteries that have not been used for a long time will naturally enter a "sleep" state after several months of storage, and the battery life will be greatly reduced. Even though the Ni MH battery is still installed for a long time, it is recommended that you use slow charging for charging first. Because: according to attempts, the best premise for nickel metal hydride batteries to survive is that 80% of them are charged. This is because the Ni MH battery has a large self tip discharge (10%-15% in a month). Even if the battery survives after full tip discharge and is not used for a long time, the battery's self tip discharge situation will lead to over tip discharge of the battery, which will damage the battery. No? Then think about whether all the newly purchased nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries still have electricity. This is the reason. Advocate: compare more, correct the shortcomings, and maintain the battery from the right direction, otherwise it will backfire.


7. conduct tip discharge on nickel hydrogen. The master advocated that the Ni MH battery should not be discharged as much as possible. Excessive discharge will lead to charging failure. The harm of this is far greater than the memory effect of the Ni MH battery itself!

8. the multimeter checks whether the battery is fully charged. Before charging, the voltage of nickel metal hydride battery is less than 1.2V, and after filling, the normal voltage is 1.4V. Master to determine, it is very simple to determine the condition of the battery.

9. the charger is mainly divided into fast charging and slow charging. The slow charging AC is small. It is often arranged at 200mA. For example, our rare charging AC is arranged at 160mA. Her charging time is long. It takes 16 hours to charge 1800mAh Ni MH battery. Kung Fu is a little slow, but the charging will be sufficient without damaging the battery. The fast charging current is usually above 400mA, and the charging effort is significantly reduced. It can be completed in 3-4 hours, which has won the master's love. There are many kinds of fast charging, and the prices are different. So masters often have doubts. They are also quick charging. 


Why is there a big difference in the price? Good chargers have the function of preventing excessive charging and maintenance. For example, our rare Panasonic best charger bq390 is particularly exquisite. Its unique chip software and hardware arrangement skills also minimize the damage of fast charging to the battery when charging the battery.

10. conflict display: slow charging does not damage the battery, but the charging time is too long; Fast charging can save time, but it is harmful to the battery. Even though it is the best Panasonic charger bq390 on the temporary scene, it can only degrade the level of nuisance, but it can not be completely avoided. The solution is to buy a fast charge and a slow charge. Use fast charging for a period of time, for example, after 5 or 10 times, use slow charging once or twice. In this way, the battery instinct will be restored to the best condition.

11. batteries are generally used as battery packs, that is, 4 or 6 batteries are connected in series. In this effort, it is very important to maintain the stability of each battery, or all battery packs will be affected by the problem of one battery. At the beginning, it is necessary to protect the common battery content. It is best to use the battery purchased by communication brand and communication model at the same time. Then, to maintain the power in the battery, generally speaking, the battery pack is either full or empty. If there are more batteries to form several battery packs, you can try to "select" them. Specifically, battery cells with similar capacity, voltage and other parameters are connected in series to form a group of battery packs. Due to insufficient conditions, it is generally enough to measure the voltage after the point is lowered and the voltage after charging.


12. finally, let's talk about the charge tip discharge.

Advanced Ni-MH chargers use -deltav to detect the battery voltage to judge whether the battery is full. The voltage curve of the battery during charging is somewhat similar to that during discharging. At first, the voltage rises rapidly, then rises slowly. When the battery is fully charged, the voltage begins to decline rapidly, but the decline is not large. The nickel cadmium batteries commonly used before are similar, but the rate and range of decline are greater than that of Ni-MH. 

The most popular charger in the market (the cheaper one) often uses constant voltage charging. For example, the old GP charger is 1.4V constant voltage, which means that when the battery reaches 1.4V, the charging ends because there is no voltage difference. As a result, the battery is often unable to be fully charged, especially for some older batteries, due to the increase of internal resistance, the voltage really added to the battery is lower. 

And this charger current is often small, charging often takes more than 10 hours. The charger with -deltav automatic cut-off can reliably use high current charging because it can accurately control the charging time. The damage of high current charging to Ni MH battery is not as good as you think. On the contrary, the current use of DC requires high current charging. 

The first is the question of time, needless to say. Then, NiMH batteries have a characteristic, that is, the greater the current you charge, the greater the current it can discharge. Now DC is a "power tiger", and the current is not small. Therefore, it is a wise choice to charge with a relatively large current, which can make the battery cleaner. Generally, the No. 5 charging current shall not exceed 1.5C. C is the battery capacity, that is, the battery capacity of 1000mah shall not exceed 1.5A. I usually charge with 0.5c (my charger has adjustable current). In terms of discharge, generally, it is OK to charge after the DC screen is blank, and the Ni-MH memory effect is very small. However, after a period of use, as well as to balance the battery and activate the battery, it is necessary to control the termination voltage of battery discharge. 


The termination voltage of Ni-MH battery is 0.9V. Pay attention not to over discharge when discharging. Discharge can be stopped when each battery reaches 0.9V. Ni-MH battery is not as powerful as nickel cadmium battery, and is sensitive to overcharge, over discharge and high temperature. Charge and discharge temperature. Generally speaking, do not let the temperature of the battery be higher than 45 ℃. When the battery is fully charged, the battery will heat up. 

When the high current is fully charged, the temperature should be about 42 degrees, not more than 45 degrees, otherwise the service life will be reduced quickly and the internal resistance of the battery will increase. In addition, the temperature of the battery after charging is high.


 It can only be charged after cooling, and it should also be cooled before charging. If it is not used for a long time, it is best to recharge the battery for several times to reactivate the battery. During normal use, pay attention to keep the packaging intact without damage to avoid short circuit. Don't hit the battery, don't burn it, etc.

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